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Victoria Bateman chairing discussion with Kate Barker and Vicky Pryce at Women in Economics Day

September 2015: Women: Beware socialists bearing gifts!

15th September 2015: Women in Economics Day

Victoria Bateman with 100 6th form girls at Women in Economics Day

September 2015: Victoria takes on Thomas Piketty

August 2015: Europe's refugee crisis

September 2015: Victoria asks "is economics a sexist science?"

August 2015: Do economists need to become more "human"?

August 2015: How can more people from the bottom of the ladder make it to the top?

July 2015: Should women in the West be incentivised to have more children?

July 2015: Is economic growth always beneficial?

June 2015: Victoria makes a public call for a "Sexual Revolution" in


July 2015: All eyes are on parliament - it's budget time!

June 2015: Europe is in crisis. What can we do to solve the mess?

April: Hot off the press!

May 2015: Feminism is on the rise. Economists need to pay attention.

April 2015: Capitalism Question Time

April 2015: Institute of Directors

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